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In the past months Poseidon Navigation Services Ltd has been working closely with its various partners to ensure that a deal or no deal Brexit does not affect it’s operations. In preparation for the 31st October the below has been put into place: 

1. Receiving from / Sending to Europe

In terms of customs, we have followed all of the UK’s procedures to ensure that goods are exported and imported as usual. 

2. Supplies

Our suppliers are mostly UK based therefore supplies should not be affected. For any EU suppliers, we have taken actions to ensure that supply is not disrupted. 

3. Courier

Our courier DHL has been working since the 2016 referendum to identify risks and find solutions that will minimise the impact of Brexit. We are confident on service standards to continue with DHL arranging additional bonded warehousing space and trained new customs professionals in readiness for additional border clearance procedures. The DHL network and systems have been reviewed and re-designed where necessary, and where new permits may be required, they have been obtained. 

4. Worldwide Partnership

We have various partners worldwide to ensure that our customers needs are met. In case of any issue post Brexit, we can ensure that supplies will still continue with no disruption.  

5. Your Part

All EU countries would also have procedures put into place that EU businesses will have to follow to facilitate import and export. As long as these are followed receiving goods into any EU country should be without issue. 

We believe that all parties will have a role to play in order to ease the process of Brexit. As this is a new experience for all involved, working together is the best way forward.