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Reproductions of Australian Government Charts
PNG516 Papua New Guinea, North East East, Trobriand Islands to Lusancay Islands. 02/10/2020
PNG521 Papua New Guinea, North East Coast , Dyke Ackland Bay to Cape Ward Hunt. 02/10/2020
PNG522 Papua New Guinea, North East Coast, Cape Ward Hunt to Nassau Bay. 02/10/2020
New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts Published 29th October 2020
32 International Chart Series, England – South Coast, Falmouth to Truro. 29/10/2020
207 International Chart Series, Netherlands, Hoek van Holland to Vlaardingen.
Part A, Nieuwe Waterweg and Europoort.
Part B, Continuation Nieuwe Waterweg.
921 Indonesia, Jawa – North Coast, Selat Surabaya, Sheet 4. 29/10/2020
931 Denmark, Kattegat, Odense Fjord. 29/10/2020
1196 International Chart Series, Mediterranean Sea, Spain – East Coast, Approaches to Barcelona. 29/10/2020
1251 China and Korea – Yellow Sea, Dadong Gangqu and Approaches. 29/10/2020
1847 International Chart Series, North Atlantic Ocean, Islas Canarias, Isla de Tenerife, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. 29/10/2020
1854 Mediterranean Sea, Spain – South Coast, Motril and Adra. 29/10/2020
1859 International Chart Series, England – West Coast, Port of Bristol. 29/10/2020
2583 Baltic Sea – Denmark, Smålandsfarvandet, Western Part. 29/10/2020
3449 China – Taiwan Strait, Approaches to Xiamen Gang. 29/10/2020
3452 China – Taiwan Strait, Gulang Yu to Xinglin. 29/10/2020
3453 China – Taiwan Strait, Jiulongjiang Kou. 29/10/2020
4030 Port of Singapore, West Jurong Anchorages and Temasek Fairway. 29/10/2020
4031 Port of Singapore, Western Approaches to Jurong Island. 29/10/2020
Reproductions of Australian Government Charts
AUS55 Australia – North West Coast, Western Australia, Approaches to Port Walcott. 02/10/2020
PNG520 Papua New Guinea – North East Coast, Cape Nelson to Dyke Ackland Bay. 02/10/2020
ADMIRALTY Publications to be Published 29th October 2020
NP47 &
ADMIRALTY Sailing Directions.
Mediterranean Pilot Volume 3 (Seventeenth Edition) 2020.
NP79 ADMIRALTY List of Lights and Fog Signals Volume F 2020 North-East Indian Ocean, Central part of South China and Eastern Archipelagic Seas (North of the Equator), excluding China, and South-West part of Philippine Sea. 29/10/2020
New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts to be Published 12th November 2020
104 International Chart Series, England – East Coast, Approaches to the Humber Traffic Separation Scheme. 12/11/2020
107 England – East Coast, Approaches to the River Humber. 12/11/2020
861 International Chart Series, Morocco – West Coast, Approaches Casablanca. 12/11/2020
1166 England – West Coast, River Severn, Avonmouth to Sharpness and Hock Cliff. 12/11/2020
1173 Spain – North Coast, Bilbao. Ria de Bilbao. 12/11/2020
1174 Spain – North Coast, Approaches to Bilbao. Castro Urdiales. 12/11/2020
1263 China – Bo Hai, Longkou Gang and Approaches. 12/11/2020
1264 China – Bo Hai, Longkou Gang. 12/11/2020
1320 Irish Sea, Fleetwood to Douglas. 12/11/2020
1481 International Chart Series, Scotland – East Coast, River Tay, Dundee and Approaches. Dundee Docks. 12/11/2020
2078 International Chart Series, Africa – South West Coast, Republic of South Africa, Port Nolloth to Island Point. 12/11/2020
2851 Arabian Sea and Gulf of Oman, Maşīrah to the Strait of Hormuz. 12/11/2020
3870 International Chart Series, Nambia and Republic of South Africa, West Coast, Chamais Bay to Port Nolloth. 12/11/2020
4041 Singapore and Indonesia, Pulau Sebarok to Changi. 12/11/2020
4159 International Chart Series, Republic of South Africa, South East Coast, Great Fish Point to Mbashe Point. 12/11/2020
4170 International Chart Series – Republic of South Africa – East Coast, Approaches to Durban. 12/11/2020
4171 International Chart Series, Republic of South Africa, East Coast, Port Shepstone to Tugela River. 12/11/2020
Reproduction of Australian Government Charts – New Chart
PNG513 Papua New Guinea – North East Coast, Bonvouloir Islands to Normanby Island Including Egum Atoll. 12/11/2020
ADMIRALTY Charts Independently Withdrawn
8108 Port Approach Guide, Longkou. 29/10/2020
8114 Port Approach Guide, Zhuhai Gang Gaolan Ganghu. 29/10/2020
8130 Port Approach Guide, Yantai (Zhifuwan Gangqu). 29/10/2020
8131 Port Approach Guide, Approaches to Yantai Gang. 29/10/2020
8151 Port Approach Guide, Shidao. 29/10/2020
8159 Port Approach Guide, Zhanjiang. 29/10/2020
8169 Port Approach Guide, Lanshan. 29/10/2020
8170 Port Approach Guide, Lianyungang, Eastern Part. 29/10/2020
8171 Port Approach Guide, Lianyungang, Western Part. 29/10/2020