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Marine Heavy Lift And Rigging Operations

Since the first edition was published, project cargoes of enormous size and weight are now common place as opposed to being a rarity, thus the need to produce a second issue of this invaluable book.

Written by David J. House, this edition has been updated to reflect the growth in heavy lifting operations and is designed to show not only some of the many routine lift operations aboard ships, but also the specialist movements of excessive loads.

  • The book is directed towards merchant navy officers and all those charged with the management not only of their vessels but also of the well-being of their cargoes which they carry.
  • Supports a range of sectors; salvage operations, offshore section, ship building and repair and cargo aspects.
  • It covers a variety of heavy lift operations which are now a common feature of the marine industry today.


A Guide to Port and Terminal Management 

Ports are essential in facilitating the movement of goods from one area of the world to another.  Over time the size and complexity of ports have increased, but the basic needs remain the same.

This book is aimed at students and port employees who want to broaden their understanding of their industry.

  • The focus of this book is on the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers syllabus and examinations for Port and Terminal Management.  This book provides and an additional source of reading for candidates who are undertaking not only these examinations but in other recognized courses as well.
  • It is hoped that this book will also give port employees an insight into other types of ports and the equipment and processes which are used in them.
  • This book also provides a view of some of the aspects of port management readers may not be involved in.

Written by Captain Bill Chalmers, FICS, he has spent his whole working life in the shipping industry of which the last 10 years of his career were spent in the port industry.

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